I’m Christian Madden, a session musician, composer and producer from Burnley, Lancashire. I’m a founder member of a transatlantic psychedelic collective called the Earlies and a dedicated enthusiast of the Hammond organ. I love the Mellotron too. Plus all analogue synths. And also all other electro-mechanical keyboard instruments.

In addition to my work with the Earlies I’ve appeared on stage with King Creosote, Micah P Hinson, Paul Heaton, Dawn Landes, Sara Lowes, Liam Frost, The Animals, Steve Cropper, Spencer Davies, Denny Laine, the Revival Hour, George Hamilton V, Nuno Mindelis, Daniel Johnston, Cherry Ghost, Atomic Rooster, DJ Woody, Jimi Goodwin (Doves) and DJ Woody. I released my solo album ‘the Wrecking Place’ in January of 2017. With any luck I’ll do another.

As of March 2017 I’ve been playing keyboards for Liam Gallagher.